Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's Not Easter But Here's A Chocolate, Egg, Jump.

Go to Eric Canete's blog to see the continued quality and quantity of work that is churned out by the man.  Then go here and grab yourself a copy of his fantastic books.
CHOCOLATE as the name suggests is full of sweet goodness, 65 assorted pen and ink drawings containing superhero pinups and original non-character illustrations.
EGG is a beauty similar in style to CHOCOLATE though obviously its precursor, rammed full of excellent pen and ink character art and scene work, superbly presented.
JUMP dossier is a concept sketchbook for a creator-owned project Eric Canete has been working on for a while.  It contains script page snippets, page thumbnails, character concepts, background and prop design work, and one of two inked panels from the finished pages themselves.  This being a preview book it has been limited to a run of 300.

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