Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Imaginary Friends Studios, Really

Three incredibly high quality books from the Singapore based Imaginary Friends Studios. An amazing amount of work for a huge array of properties: video games, films, comic books, and advertising has been squeezed into these books creating superb collections of art.  Grab them here.
Imagine Prime is the original book of art from Imaginary Friends Studios, a proper tome filled with the art of the founders of this amazing company.  Mostly character art, pinups and cinematic action sequences all rendered superbly and in very definitely different styles.
The Pepper Project is a collection of art centred around a character designed by Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau.  Pros and amateurs alike were invited to contribute Fanart of the character Pepper toward this book project.  As well as the art by others her progenitor supplied several works himself to give an overarching idea of his character's personality and style. 
The REDUX collection as the name suggests is smaller, yet it also covers some things the others barely touch on, the making of some of the work created during IFS highly successful existence.

So if you if you're interested in these books go to our Amazon store here 
or bigcartel here.

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