Saturday, 22 October 2011

Set Yourself a Task.

These three books all contain work produced as part of long term projects set by the artist themselves as either a way of capturing their external environment or the landscape of the mind.  

The 52 Weeks Project contains beautiful surreal portraits (with a feeling similar to Phil Hale and James Jean) of a multitude of characters (real and imagined), in often dark, mysterious and/or threatening circumstances.  The book is a truly wonderful arrangement of primarily ink drawings with the occasional splash of colour.

PDX 100 contains 100 ink sketches of Portland Oregon, not necessarily the most endearing subject matter maybe but the style in which the city is portrayed brings new light to this most industrial urban scenery.

Sundstrom drew his way across America on a road trip from New Hampshire to Oregon on the Oregon Trail a journey of some 3700 miles in 8 days taking in many a sight and a good dose of inspiration.

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