Sunday, 25 March 2012

Films To See Before the End of the World

I think the Mayans were counting down to the launch of the Hobbit.  We've been waiting long enough for it to be done properly.

Why can't every year have so many massive movies, I'm not saying they are all going to end up as excellent cinema (although a couple may), but damn they are gonna look amazing.
These are just some of the eye candy movies for the rest of this year there will be more but, there had better be more bad ass axe play in Abe Lincoln than that shown in the trailer, Prometheus must end with only one survivor and it has to be a woman, unless Battleship ends with the humans losing I won't be happy, Dark Knight Rising should be at least as good as Dark Knight, Avengers better not look too much like Transformers 3, Spiderman mustn't dwell in a pit of self loathing and teenage angst and The Hobbit should follow the book.

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