Monday, 23 April 2012

Kim Jung-gi Sketchbooks

Just got a few of the best sketchbooks I've seen in a long while.  Kim Jung-gi's 2007 and 2011 sketch collections are massive slab-like books rammed full of some truly beautiful, crazy perspective twisting and vertigo inducing drawings.

These pictures are from the 2007 sketch collection more like these and some of the 2011 collection images can be found here on the brilliant parkablogs.  
I'll be selling what few copies of these books I have through bigcartel.  I'm only shipping nationally, purely because of the ridiculous weight of both books.
If you are interested, want them cheaper than I can sell them through Amazon and are in the UK, go to our smaller online store.


  1. Paddy. I live in the U.S How can i get these books. This guys art is amazing!


    1. Sorry about the late reply. I would have recommended stuartngbooks but he seems to be out of stock until late August, and shipping from the UK would add £25 to the price.

  2. hi
    I live in Poland , can You give me price details if You still got copy of Gi sketchbooks to sell ?
    my email is:



  3. I just put a price up on bigcartel for Poland, shipping is quite expensive.

  4. hi paddy how i can pay you (paypal....or...) ?!?!

    this is the item:
    2007 Sketch Collection by Kim Jung-gi £48.50
    and the ship to italy, how much?!?!?

    thank a lot

  5. Hi Paddy,

    May i know how much is it for 2 books(2007 and 2011) with shipping?
    ship to hong kong or Canada

    Thanks a lot

  6. hello, i wanna ask you something: how's the quality of the paper? is it a gloosy paper o mate paper? btw, thanks for the post.

    1. Hi David, not super hi gloss, but the finish definitely has an amount of shine.

  7. hello, i want to ask how much is 2007 one to get to toronto, canada? or is there any other place in the city you can redirect me to? thank you contact me at

  8. It looks like there is new website called selling Kim's sketch collection. Unfortunately, they only ship in U.S.