Saturday, 30 April 2016

Biannual Update

On Good Friday 2014 I was released from hospital having had my blood pressure and heart rate halved over the previous ten days. I was now taking seven pills a day and would have to have a hospital visit every three months. My massively raised blood pressure had caused a huge array of problems including but not limited to headaches, clouding vision/ partial blindness and semi permanent damage to all of my major organs (the majority of these problems are now gone). Four days later I fell asleep and when I woke up the right side of my face the inside of my mouth and my thumb were completely paralysed and I couldn’t form words into sentences, so I went back to hospital with a suspected stroke. After one night of observation I was released with another daily pill and three visits a month to hospital for the next four months. Dropping my blood pressure caused a secondary problem, it left tiny spaces in previously bloody tissue which filled with pressurised water from my body cutting off the blood supply to parts of my brain and squeezing nerves, now I have difficulty locating words and creating sentences (but yay not a stroke). Over the past two years I’ve gradually doubled my kidney function from my all time low to a little over 26%, it’s not good but I really don’t notice it. Tertiary issues: Thunderbird legs, my knees don’t lock properly, tiredness, breathlessness, jitters, confusion, sleeplessness, no sense of smell, some of the 1000s of foods I can’t eat due to their effects on my kidneys and/or blood pressure (chocolate, bacon, cheese, sausages, anything with tomato, melon, orange juice, eggs, crisps, avocado, dried fruit, nuts, shellfish, paté, smoked meats) basically, a decent breakfast, a pizza and Christmas. A few weeks ago my Thunderbird legs finally caused me a major problem, having stomped down a curb for the third time in a few weeks I put my back out which paralysed the inside of my left leg making my foot useless, but ten days of dragging it around later, it came back on its own, woo, then I fell down the stairs, boo, and now I’m fine again. This might sound a bit crappy but I don’t think I’m doing bad for somebody told I might have only two weeks to live, two years ago. p.s. almost forgot, last year I had a Hepatitis B vaccine which almost killed me through poisoning, by interacting with one of my drugs (it wasn't the active part of the vaccine itself, but rather the matrix solution). It caused me to lose 15 kilos in 10 days, I was starving and dehydrating and all the fat was being stripped from my liver in an incredibly stinky way.